Monday, 14 March 2016

Owls, owls and more owls!

I love owls.  Even though we live in the 'burbs, we are lucky enough to actually experience owls in our backyard.  Most of these are Tawny Frogmouth, but we have had a couple of spectactular looking barn owls as well.

At the moment owls seem to be quite popular from a decorating point of view as well.  Everything from carvings and sculptures to fabrics and paintings.

This gorgeous owl in flight has been carved from timber 
(Aaron Booker
Metal rods have been used to design this outdoor piece
(Victoria Westaway)

Painted owl multi coloured with gorgeous detail
 (JP's Custom Art)
Ceramic character
(image found on Pinterest)

Adorable fabric owl
(Guide Central)
I love this fabric
(on sale on eBay)

Even tattoos!
(image found on Pinterest)
Doing a quick search online you can find so many ways to add a bit of "owl" to your home and life.  

I have included a link for a few free crochet patterns.  This round up of patterns is brought together by the gorgeous Tamara Kelly from Moogly!  

I love the Moogly blog (found here  )

If you want any inspiration at all, please look at Tamara's blog and say "hi".  She is so generous with her knowledge and information.  She is one of my inspirations for my own blog.  

If you do make any owls from any of the patterns, or you have your own, please send me a pic of your work.  I would love to feature you on my "projects" page.  

Happy crafting xo

*Please note, the above photographs are not my creations.  I love the amount of detail that goes into each of these and I acknowledge the individual creators of each piece. 

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