Thursday, 10 March 2016

Colouring Books for Adults

At the moment you can't walk into a grocery store, newsagents, or service station without seeing racks and racks of colouring books aimed at adults.  My take on this is that these books are aimed at the "artistically challenged", the person who would love to be an artist, if only they had the talent.

So, I guess at least "adult colouring books" gives the budding artist in you the chance to feel you have created some form of masterpiece.  But even this I doubt would make me an artist.  I don't think my colour choices would be visually appealing.

I do however, see the enjoyment and possibly a sense of accomplishment for completing a difficult piece.  If you are able to wrestle the crayons and coloured pencils from your kids, and can find a quiet spot to concentrate, I guess it could be a form of stress relief, and relaxation.

As yet, I have not given into the temptation of buying a colouring book for myself.  I do, however enjoy the intricate patterns and lines of many of the images that I find in these books.  If you too are toying with the idea of trying this latest craze, I have included a couple of links* you might like to check out.

*Please note, the links below are not my own creation nor are they my websites. I would like to acknowledge Lena, from What Mommy Does; Thaneeya of Art is Fun; and the team at Free Large Images for providing these fun images.

Happy crafting xo

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