Monday, 28 March 2016

Crocheted Owl

Hope you all had a great Easter and got to spend time with friends and loved ones.

I know this is another owl post, but I found a gorgeous pattern by Laura right here on Blogger.  Here is a link to her original pattern.


The reason I love this pattern is because I have a bag full of tapestry yarn so I am always on the look out for a pattern where I can utilise these little skeins. And this pattern is perfect. Most of the tapestry yarn skeins are between 11m to 13.5m in length. So this pattern is great to use up an entire skein for the body of the owl, and there are plenty of colours for me to choose from for the details (eyes, wings, beak).

I had a go at making my first owl exactly as Laura's pattern, but for some reason mine did not turn out anywhere near as awesome as Laura's.  So, I tweaked the pattern:

I deleted the eyelash detail, because mine just looked messy.  The eyes I made as follows:

Using white yarn crochet 3 chains. Then crochet 7 dc into 1st chain. And then slip stitch into top of 3rd chain to complete the circle.

Then using a strand of dark yarn I stitched across the centre of the eye.  I then attached the eyes to the body of the owl.  Using another colour I embroidered the beak between the eyes.

In Laura's pattern the wings are crocheted in a circular pattern.  I wanted triangular little wings.  So, I chained 4, SC into second chain, DC into next chain and TR into final chain.  Then I did one chain, turn and did SC into top of each stitch. I then attached a wing to either side of the body of the owl.

I deleted the fluffy ears.  Because again, I could not seem to get mine to look as neat and cute as Laura's.  Instead I pinched the ends of the ears and stitched them flat.  I know Laura's owls look very alert. In comparison mine look very sleepy.  Still, I'm happy with them.

If you make an owl using Laura's free pattern, please send her a huge thank you.  I would also love to see your creation, tweaked or original.

Happy crafting xo

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