Sunday, 5 February 2017

For the love of Coffee

I am by no means a coffee snob.  However, I do live with one, so I understand some people will not lower themselves to drink "that filthy instant stuff".  Me, I could care less.  As long as it is hot and strong enough (i.e. does sit in your cup looking like left over dishwater) I am happy enough to drink it.

When we go out I like to order a coffee.  I do not reel back in horror if my coffee is served to me in a cup and saucer, neither do I smile knowingly if it is served in a glass with a serviette draped around it for modesty.  My other half prefers what I call the "dolly 
cup", or as the coffee aficionados refer to as "demitasse".  

What makes me squeal out loud with delight is when the barista decorates the coffee with their glorious milk foam art!  I LOVE it!  

I know this takes quite a bit of skill and talent.  And it is for this reason I could not help but write a post about this delicious craft.

Here are a few examples I found online of some of the amazing art people create just with simple milk foam.  

I guess this is where it all really started.  Lovely images created on the flat surface.  But then people became more creative!


Who would not want to see a tiny kitty peering out of their coffee cup?  I know I would not mind!

And if not a kitty, then how about a paw print?

No matter what your preferred image, baristas these days can cater to everyone.  I just love the little bit of whimsy that a simple cup of coffee can make you smile.  So to all the creative (or should I say "Cute and Crafty") Baristas out there, thank you for your talents.  We coffee drinkers appreciate it.  

Happy crafting xo

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Valentine's Day, 14th February

The most romantic day of the year is only just around the corner.  And many people feel the need to prove their undying love by spending a small fortune on store bought items.  

Here at Q10 Crafty we believe hand made items prove your love more than anything you can buy off the shelf!  

So, put your credit card back in your pocket, grab a cuppa and take some time to decide which project you will tackle to show your loved one how much they mean to you. 

My all time favourite, Twinkie Chan, has numerous projects just right for Valentine's Day. 


If the above photos are making you feel like picking up your hook and yarn, then check out Twinkie's blog at 

Otherwise, you can buy one of her delicious items already made by the gorgeous Twinkie herself, at her Etsy shop!

Heart shaped coasters are just in order when you enjoy a drink or two with your loved one.  Take a look at Atty's pattern.  Atty is another one of my favourite yarn artists.  Her website is filled with amazing patterns 


If yarn is just not your scene, how about an easy to do Fingerprint Tree?  The kids can get in on this one, and you can thank Andreja from Easy Peasy and Fun for this one.  

And finally the gorgeous Emily from My Frugal Musings has a great idea to decorate with pine cones!  To find how this one is made head over to ttp:// 

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day.  I hope you find something in this post you can use to spread the love!  

Happy crafting xo